About us

My Name Is Sujit Kumar Singh. I Self Example In This Market. I Had Lost 2.5 Crore Money In This Market Due To Fraud & Fake Advisory & Lack Of Awareness & Knowledge. I Sell Out Everything In This Market Like Property , Gold, Savings Everything Because Of Lack Of Awareness, Knowledge & 99% Fraud & Fake Advisory. My Mind In Always Recovery Came & Recovery Mind Set Only Given Loss. Keep In Mind Everyone Through Recovery Mind Set Never Come profit In Share market. In This Market 99% Fraud & Fake Advisory & 99% People Only Loosing Money On Daily Basis Due To Lack Of Awareness & Knowledge & Fraud and Fake Advisory Service. But I Never Give Up & I Learn From My Past Mistakes. After Huge Lost I Learnt And Now Earning. Because In Market No One Will Be Perfect But I Follow My Level, Patience, Discipline & Risk Management Then Now Long Time Frame In Always Come Good Profit. 

So I’m providing courses for this now. You can check our shop page for the course. We are under development so we will be updating all the courses as soon as possible.  And now I’m providing only classes and I left stock marketing.