About us

My Name Is Sujit Kumar Singh. I Self Example In This Market. I Had Lost 2.5 Crore Money In This Market Due To Fraud & Fake Advisory & Lack Of Awareness & Knowledge. I Sell Out Everything In This Market Like Property , Gold, Savings Everything Because Of Lack Of Awareness, Knowledge & 99% Fraud & Fake Advisory. My Mind In Always Recovery Came & Recovery Mind Set Only Given Loss. Keep In Mind Everyone Through Recovery Mind Set Never Come profit In Share market. In This Market 99% Fraud & Fake Advisory & 99% People Only Loosing Money On Daily Basis Due To Lack Of Awareness & Knowledge & Fraud and Fake Advisory Service. But I Never Give Up & I Learn From My Past Mistakes. After Huge Lost I Learnt And Now Earning. Right Now My Call 90% Work If Market Some Good, Otherwise 10% Not In My Hand. Because In Market No One Will Be Perfect But I Follow My Level, Patience, Discipline & Risk Management Then Now Long Time Frame In Always Come Good Profit.